AQ-Tape Y Tape - EN

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AQ-Tape Y Tape - EN

For the treatment of painful joints, often after sports accidents, the so-called kinesiological taping with the help of a waterproof, adhesive tape has proven to be very effective.


The taping method with our AQ-Tape achieves a stimulating effect on the taped muscle parts, the joints and the lymphatic and nervous system. AQ-Tape is applied to dry, grease-free skin and lasts up to 7 days, even when showering.


Kinesiology taping was developed in Japan in the early 70s. With the elastic tape and an appropriate application technique, it is possible to successfully treat pain without restricting movement.

The taping method uses the body's own healing process. A stimulating effect of the taped muscle parts, joints and the lymphatic and nervous system is achieved.


- Ideal for use in prophylaxis
- Sports physiotherapy

Product data:
Dimensions: 5.0 x 25 cm pre-cut.
Contents: 22 tapes in dispenser box
Color: blue 

We would like to point out that for many traditional and alternative healing methods there is currently no scientific proof of efficacy according to western testing standards. 


Ref. S8 AT200 - PZN 5084473 - AQ-Tape Y Tape roll 5,0 x 25 cm, pre-cut - blue