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AQ-Strip grid tape/crosstape - 6 sheets

The AQ Strip grid tape strips are applied to the trigger points, also known as pain, reflex or acupuncture points, which are previously determined manually by the treating therapist.

Due to the grid structure of the strips, skin breathing and moisture transport are not hindered and the skin remains in physiological balance.


AQ-Stripe Grid Tape/Crosstape Product Features:
- AQ Strip is waterproof
- quality polyester with acrylate adhesive of the newest generation
- extremely resilient without loss of quality
- above average skin friendly
- for sole application 


AQ-Stripe mesh tape/crosstape size chart:
- Type A: 27 mm x 21 mm, 9 pieces/sheet, 6 sheets/pack.
- Type B: 36 mm x 28 mm, 6 pieces/sheet, 6 sheets/pack
- Type C: 52 mm x 44 mm, 2 pieces/sheet, 6 sheets/package

- Type A/B/C: 2 sheets of each type in the package, 6 sheets/package


What is a grid shape tape treatment?
Tape treatment is based on a mixture of Eastern Asian medicine and Western human medicine to regulate the balance in the body by taping the trigger points, acupressure and acupuncture points on the skin.

It promotes the circulation of metabolism and monitors the tension and relaxation.


Principle of grid shape taping:
- the AQ Strip tape is shaped as a grid, which resembles the relationship of the body muscles to each other
- no harm is done to the body, because no medicine adheres to it
- causes almost no allergic reactions to the skin with excellent breathability and adhesiveness
- does not leave any residues when removed
- is available in different sizes


The method presented here is designed so that anyone can use it easily, but for improved effect taping is recommended with the diagnosis and under the guidance of an expert.

For a personal taping, with sufficient knowledge of its use through the books and the internet, an improved result will be achieved.


Pain when putting the head back:
- Taping on the right outside, above and below the collarbone. To the left of the sternum, at the base of the chest.


Pain in the neck:
- Tap left and right above the larynx.


Pain in the waist area:
- Tap to the left and right of the belly button.


Pain in the shoulder area:
- Palpate the pain points and tape them.


- Tap to the left and right of the spine below the hairline, and to the left and right of the upper edge of the shoulder.


We would like to point out that for many traditional and alternative healing methods there is currently no scientific proof of effectiveness according to western testing standards. We are obligated to provide the above information, because according to the existing Drug Advertising Act, no healing claims may be made about dietary supplements or other natural remedies, even if they would heal.


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