Corona test

Lollipop Test (Corona/Covid 19) - V-Chek 2019-nCoV Ag Saliva Rapid Test Card

Our saliva swab antigen test, which no longer requires a swab, can be easily performed by you or your staff anywhere and the test result is available within 10 minutes.


The best part!
The test does not require an uncomfortable or painful throat or nose swab. Ideal for children, kindergartens, after-school programs, schools and in the private sector.


You save the way to the doctor and do not run the risk of being infected in the waiting room.


You can test your staff 1 to 2 times a week and thus also improve the quality of your covid management. In this way you prevent infections and economic loss.


At events, visitors can be tested easily and quickly and enjoy the event with confidence.


The possibilities to counteract the pandemic are almost unlimited with theV-CHECKTM COVID-19 ANTIGEN saliva test.


Ref. C3 0589C4-1 - PZN 5461823 - Lollipop Test (Corona/Covid 19) - 1 piece

Ref. C3 0589C4-20 - PZN 5461846 - Lollipop Test (Corona/Covid 19) - 20 pieces


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