Sperm test

Cleartest Sperm count - EN

19,84 €
inkl. MwSt zzgl. Versandkosten

Cleartest Sperm count - EN

19,84 €
inkl. MwSt zzgl. Versandkosten

Cleartest Sperm count, in case of unfulfilled desire to have children

This test helps you discreetly find a cause of unfulfilled desire to have children.


The test can only be an indication of the cause. However, the self-test does not tell you alone whether you are fertile or not. Other factors besides sperm count also affect fertility. Your doctor should determine these possible causes.


This test is a screening test.


You will receive either a single test or a pack of 5.


Storage at 2 °C - 30 °C


Evaluation after 1 - 2 minutes


If it doesn't work out with the longed-for offspring, couples become insecure due to the long time of waiting. Everyone wonders whether it is due to the partner. The CLEARTEST sperm count can help to get an indication of possible reasons. It is designed to allow the man to quickly self-perform the test for the quality of his sperm in a private atmosphere. Similarly as before the analysis at the doctor's office, one should refrain from ejaculation for three days beforehand. Please note that such a test is only for orientation and indicates possible problems. It does not replace a visit to the urologist.


Ref. C3 2000-1 - PZN 5086360 - Clear test sperm count - 1 piece

Ref. C3 2000-5 - PZN 5086377 - Cleartest sperm count - 5 pieces


ATTENTION for the bulk packs!

Only for medical professionals and only available in your pharmacy!


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