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Cleartest Syphilis Rapid Test

The Cleartest brand rapid syphilis test is a targeted antibody test that has firmly established itself on the market over the years. The Syphilis Rapid Test can be performed in a few minutes and provides reliable results within five minutes and is used to support the diagnosis of syphilis. The Cleartest brand syphilis rapid test is used for the qualitative detection of Treponema Pallidum(TP) antibodies in plasma, serum or whole blood. The Cleartest Syphilis is used as an aid in establishing the diagnosis of syphilis.


Instruction and application syphilis rapid test

The rapid syphilis test can be performed using whole blood, venipuncture or fingertip. However, the Lues test can also be used with serum or plasma.


For an optimal test result, the hands should be washed with warm water and soap, alternatively you can also use an alcohol swab. To take a blood sample, puncture the desired area with a sterile lancet. The first drop of blood is wiped away. The whole blood sample is then introduced into the test field with the aid of a capillary tube. With the aid of the capillary tube, take approx. 80 microliters of whole blood from the fingertip. Then place the syphilis blood sample on the designated test field.


After placing the blood sample, add one drop (approx. 40 microliters) of the buffer solution to the test field. It takes about 5 minutes until the test result is displayed.


How is the evaluation of a positive syphilis rapid test performed?

Two control lines appear on the test cassette of the syphilis rapid test in case of a positive result. A colored line appears in the control line area (C) and in the test line area (T).


Please note that depending on the concentration of TP antibodies in the specimen, the colors of the test line (T) may vary. Any coloration in the test line area indicates a positive test result.


What is the sensitivity of the rapid syphilis test?

The sensitivity is 99.9% and the accuracy is 99.8%. The Syphilis Clear Test is designed for healthcare professionals and is performed on plasma, whole blood or serum.


When is the syphilis rapid test invalid?

If neither a control line nor a test line appears on the syphilis test cassette, the result is considered invalid. The most likely reasons for the absence of the control line are insufficient sample volume or incorrect test performance.


Ref. C3 0610-5 - PZN 5085981 - Cleartest Syphilis Rapid Test - 5 pieces

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