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BIOTERMAL - bath additive - 350g

Pure natural salt Biotermal from 1,900m deep well is characterized by its richness in minerals. It is refreshing for fatigue and relaxing at the same time, can help the body soothe tired muscles, purifies and revitalizes the skin.


Supportive for:

Spine, joints, muscles, immune system, removal of unwanted metabolites, skin, skin tissue, respiratory system, oxygenation of cells.



Liver, urinary bladder, spleen, triple warmer, colon.



Salt from thermal water of Podhájska spring (Slovakia).



1-2 soup spoons of salt for a full bath, water temperature 32°C - 36°C. Mix the salt with the water to dissolve the crystals. Do not use soap or shower gel during bathing. After bathing, dry a little, do not scrub off. Repeat the bath 1-3 times a week.


Ref. EN 340 - PZN 3722805 - 350g