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VISAGE REJUVE - face mask - 50ml

Natural revitalizing mask for all skin types. It contains valuable clays, hydrolases, oils and essences, supplemented with Greek hay extract. Activates and smoothes the skin, fills wrinkles and helps to remove dead cells. Overall, the skin is strengthened, rejuvenated, brightened and regenerated. Perfumes from natural essences are used only in the purest quality.


Active ingredients included:

Pink and purple French clay, mint and melon hydrolates, and rare currant, castor and argan oils infused with Greek hay extract.



Apply small amounts, equivalent to a coffee spoon, in a thin layer on the face and neck by gently tapping and spreading. Leave on for a maximum of 10 minutes. Then wash off the mask with water or visage water. Afterwards, pamper your skin with argan or almond oil or use a renove cream (Protektin renove, Ruticelit renove, Cytovital renove, Droserin renove or Artrin renove). Use the serum at least 2x a week.



Store out of reach of young children. After first opening, please consume within 6 months.



10-25 °C, store protected from light in a cool and dry place. Protect from frost.


Ref. EN 716 - PZN 5087603 - 50ml