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NUTRITIVE BALSAM - balsam - 200ml

In a natural way healthy and beautiful hair. Nutritive balm is especially suitable for dry, colored or damaged hair. It regenerates and revitalizes. After using Nutritive Balm your hair is easy to comb. Your hair is silky and shiny. Nutritive Balm can be used with all shampoos.


All shampoos have a unique blend of herbs, which is already extremely successful in the Five Regenerating Creams of the use. With these natural herbal shampoos you not only cleanse and care for your body and free your hair from dirt, but at the same time harmonize your mind and soul. All shampoos have a completely unique character, based on the concept of regeneration in Pentagram®. They contain only naturally nourishing oils, instead of artificial oil complexes normally found in shampoos.


Main features: 

Promotes blood circulation, nutrition and healthy hair growth, increases their shine, strength and balance and moisture, facilitates combing, reduces hair breakage, protects hair, effective against dandruff.



Apply a small amount to damp hair and massage gently. Rinse after about 2-3 minutes. Ideal for daily use. 



10-25°C, store in a dry place.


Ref. EN 790 - PZN 4331461 - 200ml