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Supertronic - measuring device 

Supertronic is an EAV device and bioresonance device (EAV bioresonance device).


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Supertronic can be used as a compact EAV device and bioresonance device to determine the right energy preparations for gradual regeneration. It is based on the principle of bioresonance therapy (BRT) and electroacupuncture according to Voll (EAV). 


Electroacupuncture according to Voll is the oldest and most frequently used electrical diagnosis and therapy method in naturopathy with which acupuncture points can be precisely located and their energy state measured. It was developed according to the basic idea of Traditional Chinese Medicine: The precisely defined points on the surface of the skin, called acupuncture points, are connected to organs via energy pathways (meridians). Therefore, there is a reflective relationship or interaction between the two. The EAV device measures the conductivity of the tissue (organ resistance, in these specific points. The measured value allows diagnostic conclusions about the functional state of the corresponding organ (organ system).


Ref. EN SUP-TRO - PZN 5087655


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