Cleartest Multi Drug Drug Test 6-compartment cassettes - Urine - EN

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Cleartest Multi Drug Drug Test 6-compartment cassettes



The CLEARTEST Multi Drug Test is a chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of 6 different drugs and drug metabolites in urine.


Evaluation after 3-5 minutes.


Storage at 2 - 30 °C.


These parameters can be detected:

COC Cocaine - Benzoylecgonine 300 ng/ml.

THC Cannabis/Marijuana 50 ng/ml

MOP Morphine 300 ng/ml

BZO Benzodiazepines 300 ng/ml

AMP Amphetamine 1000 ng/ml

optional test cassette with MET (methamphetamine) 1000 ng/ml or MTD (methadone) 300 ng/ml


Test procedure:

1. add 2-3 drops of patient urine to the test cassette fill holes.

2. Wait until the colored line(s) appear. Evaluate the result after 3-5 minutes.

3. a pink line appears in the windows of the control zone (C). This means that the test has been performed correctly. If a pink line appears in any of the T-zones of the different drug substances, it means a NEGATIVE result for the corresponding drug. If no discoloration by a pink line appears in any of these zones, it means a POSITIVE result for the drug in question.


Ref. C3 23015 - PZN 5390218 - Multi-Drug Methadon - 5 pieces

Ref. C3 23010 - PZN 5390201 - Multi-Drug Methadon - 10 pieces

Ref. C3 23005 - PZN 2662917 - Multi-Drug Methamphetamin - 5 pieces

Ref. C3 23000 - PZN 2662923 - Multi-Drug Methamphetamin - 10 pieces



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