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The Micral test from Roche is a visually evaluable urine test strip used for the immunological detection of microalbuminuria. With a cut-off limit of 20 mg/l, the Micral test detects even the smallest amounts of albumin in urine and is therefore used as an early clinical marker in nephropathy diagnostics, for example in patients with diabetes and as an indicator of an increased risk of cardiovascular events. The semi-quantitative microalbumin test strips are easy to use and provide test results within only 1 minute. 

The test strip designed for the determination of albumin in urine can be evaluated up to a maximum of 5 minutes after the delivered test result.



Product details

  • Micral Test Urine Test Strips
  • For visual evaluation
  • Immunological determination of microalbuminuria (not only in diabetics)
  • Semiquantitative
  • Cuf-Off limit: 20 mg/l
  • Rapid results within only 1 minute
  • Easy handling
  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • Long color stability allows reading time to be exceeded (up to max. 5 minutes)
  • Measuring range: 20 - 200 mg/l
  • Value Result display: Negative, 20, 50, >100 mg/l
  • 1 package with 30 Micral-Test urine test strips


Test execution

1. dip test strip into urine for 5 seconds.

2. place test strip on a non-absorbent surface and wait 1 minute

3. compare the color of the color field on the urine strip with the color scale on the packaging within 5 minutes.


The Roche Micral test is used

  • For early detection of diabetic and hypertensive nephropathies.
  • As an indicator of increased cardiovascular risk
  • As an indicator of increased cardiovascular and all-cause mortality
  • As a predictive factor for cardiovascular events in the presence of metabolic syndrome


Ref. C1 1544039 - PZN 5391531 - Micral-Test - 30 pieces



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