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Cleartest Calprotectin - Stool Sample Rapid Test

The CLEARTEST Calprotectin, fecal test for the detection of inflammatory bowel disease.


In the case of inflammation in the intestine, immune cells are attracted to the intestinal wall with the help of tissue hormones to fight against possible pathogens. Thus, physicians can use these immune cells to determine the number of the biomarker calprotectin.


Causes of elevated calprotectin (> 50 µg per gram of stool) include:

  • ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease
  • a viral or bacterial gastrointestinal infection
  • diverticular disease (diverticulitis)
  • cancer
  • Diseases in the upper digestive system can also result in an increase in calprotectin levels.

Storage at 2°C - 30 °C


Evaluation after 5 minutes


Cut off: 50 µg/g stool


The CLEARTEST Calprotectin is a rapid test for the detection of inflammatory bowel disease from the stool sample.


Calprotectin is also called human leukocyte protein, is found inside neutrophil granulocytes and has, among other things, an antimicrobial effect.


With the help of the biomarker calprotectin, which allows an indirect conclusion to be drawn about the immune cells in the stool, the physician obtains an indication of the inflammatory activity in the intestine.


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