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Cleartest Borreliose

The CLEARTEST Lyme disease is a rapid test for the detection of a recent or a past Lyme disease infection from human whole blood, serum or plasma. The differentiation takes place via one IgM and one IgG line each.


Summertime is tick time.


The bite of a tick can cause the dangerous Lyme disease infection, which is called a multisystemic disease. The skin, joints, nervous system, eyes and heart are affected. In the first few weeks after a tick bite, flu-like symptoms such as fatigue, joint pain, muscle aches, increased temperature or night sweats may indicate Lyme disease.


Checking returned ticks for Borrelia genetic material does not necessarily help with the diagnosis. This is because the fact that a tick contains pathogens does not mean that an infection must have occurred.


Package contents:

Test cassettes, transfer pipettes, whole blood buffer


Sensitivity: IgG 95.5 % IgM 94.4 %


Specificity: IgG 98.9 % IgM 98.9 %


Evaluation after 10 minutes.


Storage at 2 - 30 °C. Do not freeze!


Ref. C3 0702-5 - PZN 5389907 - Cleartest Borreliose - 5 pieces

Ref. C3 0702-10 - PZN 5389899 - Cleartest Borreliose - 10 pieces



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