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Cleartest Troponin I, in case of suspected myocardial infarction

The rapid visual immunoassay test for the reliable diagnosis of a heart attack.


With the CLEARTEST Troponin I not only the detection of a myocardial infarction is possible but also the success control of the infarction treatment and the risk assessment of the probable course of the disease in patients with angina pectoris.


Here are the detailed data of the test:

  • Troponin T after about 3 hours (often measured in hospitals!).
  • Troponin I comes after about 8 hours and then remains detectable for about 7 - 10 days.
  • The detection limit of the test is 0.5 ng/ml.

The evaluation takes place after 10 minutes.


Storage at 2 - 30 °C


You will receive the CLEARTEST Troponin I either as a 1, 2 or 5 test pack.


The CLEARTEST Troponin I test is ideal for the diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome. Troponin is a protein that is released into the blood when the heart muscle is damaged. After a heart attack, cardiac troponins (cTnT and cTnI) are detectable in the blood from about 3 to 8 hours after the onset of pain. There are cases in which there is little or no change in the ECG, which is when laboratory values such as troponin become very important. Elevated troponin levels indicate cardiac damage; if troponin levels are consistently normal, a heart attack is unlikely.


Ref. C3 26001V - PZN 5086408 - Cleartest Troponin I - 1 piece

Ref. C3 26002V - PZN 5086414 - Cleartest Troponin I - 2 pieces

Ref. C3 26005V - PZN 5390224 - Cleartest Troponin I - 5 pieces

Ref. C3 26010V - PZN 5390230 - Cleartest Troponin I - 10 pieces

Ref. C3 26020V - PZN 5086420 - Cleartest Troponin I - 20 pieces


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