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Cleartest CRP 10/40/80 Inflammation parameters rapid test

For the semi-quantitative determination of CrP in human blood, serum or plasma samples.


An elevated CrP value can have many causes. If the CrP value is elevated, the causative inflammation in the body should always be clarified. Our CLEARTEST CrP (10/40/80) with reliable results provides valuable assistance in determining the value.


Here are the details of the test:


This test has a separate result line for each cut-off value (10 or 40 or 80 mg/l), which simplifies diagnostics.


Evaluation after 5 minutes


Storage at 2 - 30 °C


For the test with whole blood you only need a sample collection container (for venous whole blood) or a lancet (for whole blood samples from the fingertip).


The CrP is the most important non-specific acute inflammation parameter even before the increase in the leukocyte count and fever and should be examined for the rapid diagnosis of inflammation and infection also in intensive care and neonatology, but always in connection with the clinical symptoms of the patient.


The CrP test also provides reliable values for the search for rheumatic inflammatory diseases (taking into account other parameters, e.g. the rheumatoid factor) or chronic inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.


The CrP value is used, among other things, to distinguish between acute and chronic events: in contrast to chronic diseases, acute events cause a greater increase in CrP, which usually corresponds to the extent of the inflammation. Accurate CrP value diagnostics can also be very helpful in detecting infectious complications after surgery or in assessing the course of antibiotic therapy.


Ref. C3 4050-10 - PZN 5084444 - Cleartest CRP 10/40/80 - 10 pieces

Ref. C3 4050 - PZN 5084438 - Cleartest CRP 10/40/80 - 20 pieces



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