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Cleartest Histo H.P.

The inexpensive alternative!


A rapid biochemical test based on urea conversion in the presence of Helicobacter pylori in the tissue sample from the stomach. This rapid test is even easier to use: just place the tissue sample in the ready-to-use reaction vial containing 0.5 ml of the Aqua-Bidest supplied. Discoloration of the test results in unambiguous detection. You save one work step. The sensitivity of the CLEARTEST Histo H.P. test is 99 %.


Evaluation after 30 minutes.


Storage at room temperature.


Ref. C3 8100 - PZN 5087000 - Cleartest Histo H.P. - 10 pieces

Ref. C3 8110 - PZN 5390715 - Cleartest Histo H.P. - 20 pieces



Only for medical professionals and only available in your pharmacy!


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