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FreeStyle Libre

The FreeStyle Libre System frees you from finger pricking to control sugar.


The FreeStyle Libre System

  • Comfortable
    • The small sensor measures and stores sugar values permanently and automatically when worn on the body. Day and night!
  • Simple & fast

    • The sensor can be scanned in seconds and shows the current sugar value, a trend arrow and the sugar history of the last 8 hours

  • Active 

    • The FreeStyle Libre sensor is water resistant and can be worn while bathing, showering, swimming and exercising

  • Unobtrusive

    • Scanning also works through clothing up to 4 cm.


The FreeStyle Libre 2 System

Scan the FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor directly with the free FreeStyle LibreLink app and save yourself the hassle of finger pricking. You can also get the customizable, optional glucose alerts directly to your smartphone with the FreeStyle LibreLink app!You decide when you want to use alerts:at night, during exercise or while driving.


  • Low sugar alarm 

    • Can be adjusted between 60-100mg/dL.

  • Alarm high sugar value 

    • Can be adjusted between 120-400mg/dL.

  • Alarm signal loss 

    • Appears if there is no connection between the sensor and the receiving device for more than 20 minutes.


Ref. PQ 71538 - PZN 5665394 - FreeStyle Libre - 1 piece

Ref. PQ 71988 - PZN 5665402 - FreeStyle Libre 2 - 1 piece



Only for medical professionals and only available in your pharmacy!


Declarations of conformity: here

Instructions for use: here