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FreeStyle Precision Test strips for blood glucose measurement

With FreeStyle Precision test strips, you can measure blood glucose quickly and easily.


  • Result in five seconds
  • Blood drop of only 0.6 microliter
  • Space-saving individually wrapped FreeStyle Precision test strips are safely protected from dirt and moisture - ideal for taking along.
  • FreeStyle Precision ß-ketone test strips let you determine ketone levels - requires only 1.5 microliters of blood and 10 seconds.


Ref. C1 44-D - PZN 5566255 - FreeStyle Precision test strips - 50 pieces

Ref. C2 6644448 - PZN 5166722- FreeStyle Precision ß-ketone test strips - 10 pieces



Only for medical professionals and only available in your pharmacy!


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