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FreeStyle Lite Test strips with ZipWik™ function

The test strip with the ZipWik™ feature breaks blood surface tension, which makes applying blood to the test strip quick and easy. For use with the FreeStyle Lite blood glucose meter. ZipWik function The test strip with the ZipWik function:

  • Up to 60 seconds to drip, reducing wastage of test strips.


  • Apply blood from the right or left side of the test strip.


  • Small blood droplet - only 0.3 µl of blood. Easy absorption of the blood drop through ZipWik ™ "lugs" on the strip. Accurate measurements with results in approximately 5 seconds.


Ref. C1 46-D - PZN 5566249 - FreeStyle Lite test strips - 50 pcs.

Ref. C2 47-D - PZN 5566232 - FreeStyle Lite test strips - 100 pcs.



Only for medical professionals and only available in your pharmacy!


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