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  • NovoFine® 8mm 30g TW Hypodermic Needles  
  • NovoFine® 6mm 32G Tip sth is a 0.25 mm hypodermic needle with a 0.23 mm needle tip, a conical shape and a polished surface.

These needles are intended for single use with Novo Nordisk injection systems. Sterility is only guaranteed if the protective flap is undamaged.


Do not bend or otherwise damage hypodermic needles before use.


Ref. L5 3618 - PZN 5560324 - Novofine 6mm - 100 pieces

Ref. L5 3615 - PZN 5560318 - Novofine 8mm - 100 pieces



Only for medical professionals and only available in your pharmacy!


Declarations of conformity: here

Instructions for use: here