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Geranium - Aroma oil - 10ml

Aromatherapy Essence






Plant part: leaf and flower

Extraction: steam distillation

Quality: therapeutic

Natural ingredients: 100%

Preservation: without preservation

Aroma: full, sweet-bitter-floral, slightly citrus to slightly spicy

Element: water and earth

Energy: cold and humid

Botanical Name: Pelargonium graveolens

Country of origin: South Africa

Main active ingredients: linalool, geranyl formate, citronellol, geraniol



Add 2-3 drops to an aroma lamp, diffuser or vaporizer.

Massage and apply on the skin:

Mix 4-6 drops with 20 ml of vegetable oil.



The essence must always be mixed first in an emulsifier (vegetable oil or therapeutic energy regenerating cream) and then water added. To enhance the effect, it can be enriched with Biotermal bath salts. Bath time: 20 minutes.


Dosage for full body baths:

Mix 3-6 drops with 20 ml of oil, 150 ml of cream or 1 tablespoon of a therapeutic energy regenerating cream. Then add to a bath with warm water.


Dosage for foot baths:

Mix 2-5 drops with 15 ml of oil, 75 ml of cream or 1 tablespoon of a therapeutic Energy regenerating cream. Then add to a container of warm water. The essence can be applied undiluted directly to the skin.


Main features:

Balancing, for calm, strength and confidence. It can relieve mental and emotional stress, anxiety and calm the nerves and relieve sleep disorders.


Combinations with other energy products:

Regalen - support of liver and pancreas, jaundice / fatty liver, acne.

Gynex - induction of hormonal balance and strengthening of female energy; support for diabetes

Korolen - nervous tension, hormonal imbalance, balance of emotions, anxiety, stress, overwork

Stimaral - relief of nervous tension, anxiety

Aguaje - premenstrual syndrome, hormonal fluctuations, development of female characteristics

Protektin - eczema, psoriasis, acne, fungal infections, lichens, viral infections, oily skin

Artrin - joint pain

Ruticelit - hemorrhoids, varicose veins, tired legs, swelling, frostbite

Cytovital - stretch marks, infertility, painful menstruation

Ruticelit Renove - couperosis

Droserin Renove - couperose on the face

Cytovital Renove - tired skin, wrinkles, pigmented areas

Artrin Renove - restoration of moisture in dry skin

Argan oil - care for mature skin, suitable also after sunbathing


Plant extracts/herbs:

Pelargonium graveolens flower oil.



Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil.



Do not exceed the stated recommended daily intake. Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Store out of reach of young children.



10-25°C, keep protected from light in a cool and dry place.


Ref. EN 642  - PZN 5778448 - 10ml