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PROTEKTIN - cream - 50ml / 250ml

Protektin contains various herbal extracts, 50% energized thermal water, vitamin A, vitamin E, amber oil, resin, liposomes, essential oils and bio information components.


wood - tendons, eczema, irritation, rashes, acne, blemishes, itching, tendons and cartilage, pigments, protection and regeneration of the skin.


Protektin can support the body in harmonizing (according to TCM) the following meridians: liver, stomach, gall bladder, spleen as well as the conception vessel (Ren Mai) and the governor vessel (Du Mai).


The cream is applied locally in a very thin layer to the desired areas several times a day (preferably on moistened skin) 


further application options according to TCM:

areas of the organs concerned or reflex zones of the organ systems on the surface of the skin. The product is intended for external use only.

Active ingredients:
Herbal extract (drug fumitory, Robert geranium, Japanese pagoda tree, professor-weed, butter and eggs, great burdock, lawn daisy, heather, liquorice, American witchhazel, common comfrey, calamus, common kidneyvetch, udo, celandine, Baical skullcap, stickywilly, field horsetail, European field pansy), vegetable oils (evening primrose, linseed, castor, soybean, peanut), essential oils (sweet fennel, tea tree, muster John Henry, vetivergrass, niaouli-tree, cardamom, English lavender, balsam of Tolu, sweet scented geranium, anise burnet saxifrage, amber, camphor, staranise tree, arborvitae, garden ginger), vitamin A and E, thermal water, potassium humate, snail egg extract, earthworm extract, humic liposomes, succinic acid, beta-glucans, myrrh, dammar, frankincense, and dracaena extracts.



Keep out of the reach of children. The product is not a drug and does not replace medical treatment. Get advice from a doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or exposed to any other unusual stress.


10-25 ° C, protected from light in a cool and dry place.


Ref. EN 255 - PZN 3007534 - 50ml
Ref. EN 258 - PZN 4331780 - 250ml