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Protektin Deo - (35g) - 100% natural deodorant for purity and freshness, gentle degassing, natural ingredients, ecological packaging. Protektin Deo is a natural and completely ecological deodorant with a dual effect. It provides comfort and a feeling of freshness throughout the day and helps to gently detoxify the organism.



Apply to the armpits several times a day as required.


Active ingredients:

Herbal extract (drug fumitory, Robert geranium, Japanese pagoda tree, professor-weed, butter and eggs, great burdock, lawn daisy, heather, liquorice, American witchhazel, common comfrey, calamus, common kidneyvetch, udo, celandine, Baical skullcap, stickywilly, field horsetail, European field pansy), essential oils (geranium, niaouli, lavender, bitter orange, and rockrose).



Store out of the reach of young children. The product is not a drug and does not replace medical treatment. Get advice from a doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or exposed to any other unusual stress. For external use only!



10-25 ° C, protected from light in a cool and dry place.


Ref. EN 717 - PZN - 35g