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KING KONG - drops - 30ml

Food supplement with plant extracts (82.6%) as a liquid herbal concentrate. King Kong highly concentrated herbal extract contains various types of herbs, such as silymarin (from the seeds of milk thistle), essential oils and bioinformation components. 



Wood and Water. 



Muscle, strength, smokers, men.


Reference intakes - plant extract: adult/junior - % NRV: 

Sarsaparilla 45μl/18μl***, Seed Alfalfa 19μl/8μl***, Fiber Clover 18μl/7μl***, Seed Horsetail 16μl/6μl***, Benedictine Herb 16μl/6μl***, Potency Wood 16μl/6μl***, Chinese Cleavers 16μl/6μl***, Szechuan Pepper 16μl/6μl***, Tang-Shen 7μl/3μl***, Common Hawthorn 7μl/3μl***, Marshmallow Herb 7μl/3μl***, Sea Buckthorn 7μl/3μl***, Ginseng 7μl/3μl ***, Milk Thistle 7μl/3μl*** / ***Nutrition Reference Values according to. EU Regulation 1169/2011



Water, sarsaparilla, seed alfalfa, fiber clover, seed buckthorn, benedict herb, potency wood, Chinese cleavers, Szechuan pepper, tang shen, encroaching hawthorn, marshmallow herb, sea buckthorn, ginseng, milk thistle. Thickeners: sorbitol, cellulose, water, xanthan gum. Preservative: potassium sorbate. Flavors: cardamom, Nardostachys jatamansi, marjoram, grapefruit, murraya, grapefruit extract.


Average nutritional values/100ml: 

Energy 548kJ/131cal, total fat 0.4g, of which saturated fat 0.4g, carbohydrates 29.2g, of which sugar 4.4g, protein 2.27g, salt 0.46g.


Recommended daily dosage: 

Adult: 3 x 5 drops, 

Junior: 3 x 2 drops. 


Increase fluid intake during consumption. Shake before use. Mix the product with about 100ml of water and consume half an hour before or after meals. We recommend taking a one-week break after each three-week use.



Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Store out of reach of young children.



10-25°C, keep protected from light in a cool and dry place. Consume within 3 months after first opening.


Ref. EN 420 - PZN 3007646 - 30ml