Himalayan Apricot Oil - drops - EN

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Hand processed and cold pressed apricot kernel oil comes from wild apricot orchards below the Himalayan peak in the fertile valley of Kashmir.


Main Features: 

Boosts immunity, protects cells and affects their development, supports the nervous system, improves mood, helps with fatigue, insomnia and restlessness, cleanses the kidneys and urinary tract, has a positive effect on vision and is suitable for sensitive skin prone to eczema and ance. 



Himalayan Apricot Oil is a source of vitamin C, provitamin A, B-complex folic acid, unsaturated fatty acids, including the unique addition of vitamin B15 and B17. Contains iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium copper, phosphorus and silicon.


Recommended daily dosage: 

Adult: 1 x 15 drops, 

Junior: 1 x 7 drops.


We recommend taking a one-week break after each three-week use. Throughout the period of use, it is recommended to increase fluid intake.



Do not exceed the recommended daily intake indicated. Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Store out of reach of young children.



10-25°C, keep protected from light in a cool and dry place.


Ref. EN 505 - PZN 5389385 - 100ml