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OMEGAVET - drops - 30ml

The preparation contains the very special fish oil, which is the most important natural source of a whole range of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E. It significantly strengthens the resistance of the organism and immunity, helps build strong bones and healthy teeth and maintain healthy skin, coat and eyes. The naturally lower content of vitamins A and D eliminates the risk of overdosing on these vitamins.

[in parentheses, the most appropriate auxiliary preparation is listed for even better effect].

  • source of unsaturated fatty acids (omega, EPA, DHA) - for cell membranes, processing cholesterol [Gynevet].
  • safe source of vitamins A, D and E
  • for shiny coat, high quality and elastic skin [Gynevet].
  • for renewal of cell immunity of older animals - warts, benign tumors [Imunovet, Kingvet].
  • for obesity, steatosis - organ fatty degeneration [Gynevet].
  • to strengthen bones, teeth and eyes [Kingvet, Renovet].
  • to strengthen immunity (bacteria, tumors), specifically for angina [Imunovet, Renovet, Kingvet].
  • Suitable preparation for aging animals.


Oil of sea fish Engraulis japonicus (500 mg) [containing eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) - min. 38 %, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) - min. 25 %] - 99.5%, vitamin E - 0.5%.


Recommended dosage:
Administer the preparation for a maximum of three weeks as follows:

Small animals up to 2 kg: 1 to 3 drops 1-3x daily;
Animals from 2 to 50 kg: 3 to 5 drops 1-3x daily;
Animals weighing more than 50 kg: 5 drops for every 50 kg of weight 1-3x daily.

Three weeks of administration of the preparation is followed by one week of rest.


Administer it in a treat after feeding. We recommend to use the preparation within three months from the opening of the package.


Do not exceed the recommended daily dose! Ensure sufficient water supply during the administration period. Keep out of reach of children.



10-25°C, keep dry. 


Ref. EN 4641 - PZN 4336978 - 30ml