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VIROVET - drops - 30ml

Natural herbal extract to stimulate the activity of the organs of the element metal in the pentagram scheme of Energyvet. It acts via mild irritation of the lungs, colon, skin and connective tissue. This stimulates these organs or tissues to a higher activity. Overall, the resistance of the animal is increased. The action of the herbs processed in this product complements and enhances the bioinformation of this specific homeopathic. The activity of the organs and tissues of the following element - water, i.e. kidneys, lymphatic and immune system (formation of antibodies), urinary tract and reproductive organs is stimulated. Excess energy and hyperactivity of the previous element - earth, i.e. spleen, stomach, nervous system and all functional organ tissues are curbed.



[in parentheses the most suitable auxiliary preparation is indicated for even better effect].

  • Respiratory viroses (stage sneezing), skin, nervous system, viral diarrhea.
  • Warts, papilomas (of viral origin) [Audivet].
  • Increasing the resistance of mucous membranes, bones and other tissues to negative influences [Skelevet].


Stimulating for:

  • Formation of antibodies (in infections, after vaccinations) [Omegavet].
  • Urine formation in kidney failure with low urine volume [Probiovet].
  • Lymphatic system, patency of lymphatic flow [Fytovet].
  • Resistance of the mucous membranes of the genitals [Skelevet].
  • Increases resistance to emotional and psychological influences [Fytovet].



  • excessive formation of gastric juices [Fytovet].
  • Inflammation of the gastric mucosa.
  • Inflammation of the pancreas, spleen - accompanied by fever [Imunovet].
  • Inflammation of nerves (after hypothermia, after draught) [Imunovet].
  • excessive formation of watery secretion.
  • Moderates excessive care of the mother around the boy, already occurred false gravidity [Fytovet].


Herbal extract 82.6% (Eupatorium cannabinum, Armoracia rusticana, Cnicus benedictus, Thymus serpyllum, Sanguisorba officinalis, Betonica officinalis, Cinchona officinalis, Nasturtium officinale, Tilia cordata, Tropaeolum majus, Verbascum thapsiforme, Citrus paradisi, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Inula helenium, Aframomum melegueta), sorbitol - thickener , microcrystalline cellulose - thickener , water, xanthan gum - thickener, grapefruit extract - preservative, potassium sorbate - preservative, essence blend 0.30%, bioinformation for Virovet.


Recommended dosage:
Administer the preparation for a maximum of three weeks as follows:

Small animals up to 10 kg: 2 drops 2x daily;
Animals from 10 kg to 100 kg: 1 drop 2x daily for every 10 kg of weight;
Animals weighing more than 100 kg: 5 drops (0.3 ml) per 100 kg 2x daily.

Three weeks of administration of the preparation is followed by one week of rest.


In case of respiratory virosis, the preparation can be administered up to 6 times a day for a maximum period of 3 days.


Shake the preparation well before use. In terms of the exact direction of the regenerative effect, we recommend that you seek the professional advice of one of our consultants. The preparation should be used up within three months from the date of opening the package.


The preparation should not be used in case of advanced pneumonia (in case of cough), colitis and skin diseases. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose! Ensure sufficient water intake during the administration of the preparation! The preparation contains traces of quinine - not to be administered at least 1 week before a competition. The preparation is not suitable for gravid females. Keep out of reach of children.



10-25°C, keep dry. 


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