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AUDIVET - drops - 30ml

Herbal preparation for external use. This preparation has a significant effect on inflammatory conditions of the mucous membrane and skin, including the external auditory canal. It regulates the pH of the skin and mucous membrane, thus preventing the development of undesirable bacteria, fungi and parasites. The preparation has an action directed against viruses, bacteria and mycoses.


[in parentheses the most suitable auxiliary preparation is indicated for even better effect].

  • Inflammatory conditions on the skin - rash, eczema and superficial injuries [Gynevet, Regavet, Kingvet].
  • Skin mycoses, circular fur loss (localized fur loss) [Gynevet].
  • Mucosal mycoses of the genital organs (for rinses, the preparation must be diluted) [Cytovet, Gynevet].
  • Warts and small skin and mucous membrane outgrowths [Virovet].
  • Gum ulcers [Cytovet].
  • Itching and skin pain [Fytovet].
  • Inflammations of the external auditory canal [Cytovet, Imunovet, Renovet - preparation required].
  • Against pain in inflammation of small joints and mammary gland [Kingvet, Imunovet].


Herbal extract (Ruprechtskraut, ribwort, comfrey, common watercress, great nasturtium, common horse chestnut, great meadow-head), hydrogenated castor oil, vitamin E, myrrh essence, geranium essence, myrrh extract.


Recommended dosage:
Administer the preparation for a maximum of three weeks as follows:

Rub the affected area with 1 to 3 drops (depending on the size) 2x to 3x daily. When treating the ears, drip 1 to 3 drops onto a cotton swab and rub the affected ear canal with it 2x a day.

After three weeks of administering the preparation, take a week off.

Shake the preparation well before use. We recommend to use the preparation within three months from the opening of the package.

In case of ear infections, clean and rub out only. Do not drip into the ear! The ear must remain dry. The preparation must not get into the eyes! Keep out of reach of children.



10-25°C, keep dry. 


Ref. EN 4636 - PZN 4336961 - 30ml