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REGAVET - drops - 30ml

Natural herbal extract to stimulate the activity of the organs of the element wood in the pentagram scheme of Energyvet. The preparation acts via a slight stimulation of the liver, bile, fat metabolism and joints. This stimulates these organs or tissues to a higher activity. Overall, the metabolism of the animal is optimized. The action of the herbs processed in this product complements and enhances the bioinformation of this specific homeopathic.

It stimulates the activity of the organs and tissues of the following element - fire - i.e. heart, vein system, endocrine system and small intestine.

It curbs the excess energy and hyperactivity of the preceding element - water - i.e. kidneys, the lymphatic and immune systems (inflammatory tissues), urinary tract and reproductive organs.


[in parentheses the most suitable auxiliary preparation is indicated for even better effect].

  • Regulation of energy and protein metabolism, activation of enzymes [Probiovet].
  • Digestive problems (except bile and liver) [Cytovet, Probiovet].
  • Vomiting [Fytovet].
  • In case of poisoning with organophosphates, organic poisons [Cytovet].
  • For painful coat, painful reaction to touch [Fytovet].


Stimulating for:

  • Heart in heart failure, thinning of heart wall, enlargement of heart chambers [Skelevet].
  • Hormesis [Omegavet].
  • Appetite to eat [Fytovet].
  • Digestion, when losing weight or, on the contrary, when gaining weight [Omegavet].
  • Insufficient formation of digestive enzymes [Fytovet].


Soothing in case of:

  • Fatigue or rapid out-of-breath on exertion [Omegavet, Fytovet].
  • excessive urination in kidney failure [Probiovet].
  • Expressions of inflammation of any organ (sensation of heat, pain, swelling, loss of function) [Skelevet].
  • Inflammation of blood vessels, vasculitides [Imunovet].
  • painful inflammation of lymph nodes and lymphatic blood vessels [Skelevet, Imunovet].
  • acute inflammations of the uterus, prostate, urinary and genital tracts [Imunovet, Omegavet].
  • Allergic diseases (in alternation with Renovet) [Imunovet].
  • Inflammations of the conjunctiva [Cytovet - diluted].
  • Help in alleviating the growth of tumors on the connective tissue (sarcomas) [Cytovet, Imunovet].
  • Relieves anxiety and pathological fear [Fytovet].


Herbal extract 82.6% (Potentilla erecta, Taraxacum officinale, Plantago lanceolata, Veronica officinalis, Chelidonium majus, Pimpinella saxifraga, Zanthoxylum piperitum, Artemisia abrotanum, Gentiana lutea, Marrubium vulgare, Agrimonia eupatoria, Galium verum, Saxifraga granulata), Sorbitol - thickener, microcrystalline cellulose - thickener, water, xanthan gum - thickener, grapefruit extract - preservative, potassium sorbate - preservative, essence blend 0.12%, silymarin 0.10%, bioinformation for Regavet.


Recommended dosage:
Administer the preparation for a maximum of three weeks as follows:

Small animals up to 10 kg: 2 drops 2x daily;
Animals from 10 kg to 100 kg: 1 drop 2x daily for every 10 kg of weight;
Animals weighing more than 100 kg: 5 drops (0.3 ml) per 100 kg 2x daily.

Three weeks of administration of the preparation is followed by one week of rest.

Shake the preparation well before use. In case of suspected infestation of liver tissue or gall bladder, the preparation should be administered for 2 days only. If there are no negative reactions in the following 3 days, then the administration can be continued for up to 3 weeks.


We recommend to use the preparation within three months from the opening of the package.


Do not administer the preparation if the liver or gall bladder are affected. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose! Ensure sufficient water intake during the administration period. The preparation is not suitable for gravid females.
Keep out of reach of children.


Adverse reactions and interactions:
Do not administer the preparation concurrently with Renovet or Kingvet or without a break of at least one week from their administration.



10-25°C, keep dry. 


Ref. EN 4612 - PZN 4336866 - 30ml